IMG_0908crpStrong Readers = Strong Leaders is the tool by which the requirements of the Literacy-Based Promotion Act are being communicated to parents, students and the general public.  The message is trifold.


  • To Parents – You can help your child learn to read by reading with him or her.  You need to stay involved in how your child’s reading is progressing in school.  Reading is the foundation for learning all other school subjects.  Your child will be required to pass the 3rd grade Reading Summative Assessment in order to enter 4th grade.
  • To pre-kindergarten – 3rd Grade Students – Reading is fun!  Reading takes you on adventures through your imagination.  Animated character Ms. Readsmore and her robot friend Booker are your guides to exploring reading.
  • To the Public – Literacy is fundamental to the well-being of our state.  An educated workforce attracts more and better jobs.  It is key to improving the poverty level in our state.  Whether you have a child in school or not, the consequences of an illiterate populace have a great impact on every Mississippian.  Communities’ involvement in advocating and strengthening literacy is not only an altruistic endeavor, it is also what is best for the health of our state.

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, 3rd grade students must score at level 3 or higher on the reading portion of the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) English Language Arts test to qualify for promotion to 4th grade – a higher benchmark than in previous years.