Prepare Your Child


Research shows that students who do not achieve grade level literacy by 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than those who do.  No one wants that!  The Mississippi Legislature passed the Literacy-Based Promotion Act in 2013 in an effort to ensure that students learn the reading skills necessary to advance in life.  Reading is the foundation for learning all other school subjects.

Toward the end of 3rd grade, students in Mississippi’s public schools take the 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment which determines if students are ready for 4th grade reading instruction.

 You can help your child.

  • Have your child read aloud to you, gently pointing out any missed words and helping your child correct them.
  • Create a quiet space for your child to read and study.
  • Set aside a routine time each day for your child to read and do homework.
  • Talk frequently with your child’s teacher about his or her progress, asking for tips to help at home.

Resources to help