Program Evaluation

MentorshipShowing progress toward academic outcomes requires collecting appropriate data. To chart the success of a mentoring program, obtain permission from parents and school/district administrators to collect student grades, test scores, and other information to help the program show results.  Additionally, it is a good idea to have both mentors and mentees complete a brief satisfaction survey at the end of the program or school year.  It is especially important to know that the mentees value the presence of the mentor in their lives. Such a survey can be completed by pencil-paper document or electronically on a designated web site.


Ending the School Year

In many instances, mentors and mentees may want to maintain a relationship over the summer months.  Dr. Susan G. Weinberger has offered the following strategies to help continue the mentor/mentee relationship over the summer:

  • Address and stamp five envelopes and ask the mentee to write to the mentor (a letter or a drawing or a poem)
  • Give your mentees little notebooks to record their summer activities to relate to their mentor when they see each other again
  • Schedule a basketball or softball game among mentors and mentees.

Here are some sample Mentor-Student forms that you can use for your program.

Mentor-Student Agreement (PDF, 37 kb) (DOCX, 496 KB).

Mentor Weekly Progress Form (PDF, 36 KB) (DOCX, 494KB)