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Reading Accurately to Understand (Fluency)

Why This is Important

Fluency is reading text accurately and with understanding. It is a critical skill for independent reading and comprehending text. 

Goals for Strong Readers

  • Understand what is read.  
  • Accurately and automatically recognize words.  
  • Use appropriate expression while reading, based on the context and punctuation within a text. 

Quick Activity

Have your child choose a text of his or her choice and encourage your child to read to a younger sibling, an older family member, a neighbor, a friend, a pet, or stuffed animal. Listen to your child read and give feedback if there is a mistake or if your child reads too fast or too slow. 

More Activities and Games

Have your child select a book or text to practice reading aloud in a silly voice (Example silly voices: robot, monster, whisper, slow, fast, angry, excited opera). Record your child reading the passage using a mobile phone, tablet, or MP3 player. Have your child listen to the recording while following along reading the passage. 

Alternate version: Download the Novel Effect app, which brings books to life with music, sound effects, and character voice. As you read aloud, Novel Effect follows the sound of your voice and responds at the right moment.  

Select a text your child has never read. Have your child read the passage for one minute. Count and write down the total number of words your child read correctly, and the number of words read incorrectly. Discuss the words your child missed. Have your child to read the passage each day during the week and write down the number of words read correctly and incorrectly. Compare the words read correctly from day to day. 

Select a prepared script from The Best Class website or have your child choose a book to develop a reader’s theater script. Choose the character parts you will each read. Have your child highlight his or her parts and rehearse the lines. Read the play for an audience  (stuffed animals, siblings, or via FaceTime).