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First Grade Section

Reading Accurately to Understand (Fluency)

Why This is Important

Fluency is reading text accurately and with understanding. It is a critical skill for independent reading and comprehending text. 

Goals for Strong Readers

  • Understand what is read.  
  • Recognize words accurately and automatically. 
  • Use appropriate expression while reading based on the context and punctuation within a text. 

Quick Activity

When reading a familiar story or passage, try having your child use different voices. For example, have your child read the story in a mouse voice, a cowboy voice, or a princess voice. 

More Activities and Games

  • Use a less familiar story or text and read small chunks of words, using your finger to track what you are reading.  
  • After you finish, let your child echo what you just read, tracking the words with his or her finger.  
  • Encourage your child to use the exact same speed and voice tone you used.  
  • This is a great activity to use with poetry.  

Select a never-before-read text. This can be a short story, a decodable reader, a poem, or several paragraphs from a chapter book.  

  • Time your child reading from start to finish. You can use your smartphone timer, a stopwatch or the second hand on a clock.  
  • Discuss any words that were read incorrectly before your child reads again.  
  • Time your child multiple times as he or she reads the entire piece. Pay close attention to speed and accuracy.
  • Write common phrases on notecards. Examples: to the parkyou and mehere we gowhere is he.  
  • Have your child practice reading the cards individually.  
  • When your child can read the phrases fluently, lay cards out side-by-side to make a train of phrases and have your child practice fluently reading a longer version. 
First Grade Section