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Reading Accurately to Understand (Fluency)

Why This is Important

Fluency is reading text accurately and with understanding. It is necessary for building comprehension when reading independently. 

Goals for Strong Readers

  • Understand what is read.  
  • Accurately and automatically recognize words.  
  • Use appropriate expression while reading. 

Quick Activity

Recite nursery rhymes and poems to build familiar phrases in speech. Examples: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a Little Lamb, Humpty Dumpty. 

More Activities and Games

Look up the list of common sight words for kindergarten (Fry sight words). Select 20 words and write one word on individual index cards or squares of paper you cut up yourself. 

  • Chose a card and say the word to your child.
  • Say the word again with your child.
  • Prompt your child to say the word on their own.
  • Flash the entire stack of cards (repeating the steps above) making a pile of words your child said correctly and incorrectly.   
  • Revisit any missed words by using the steps above. 
  • Once your child can read a list of words with ease and fluency, move to the next set of 20 words. 
  • Draw a large triangle on a piece of paper. 
  • Make up a sentence or use an example from this link
  • Write the first word from the sentence at the top of the triangle. 
  • Rewrite the first word plus the next word for the second line. 
  • Continue adding one word to the previous line until the sentence is complete. 
  • Have your child practice reading the words from each line of the pyramid. 
Pyramid Phrasing Activity
Pyramid Phrasing Activity

Select a never-before-read text. This can be a short story, a decodable reader, a poem, or several paragraphs from a chapter book.  

  • Time your child reading from start to finish. You can use your smartphone timer, a stopwatch or the second hand on a clock.  
  • Discuss any words that were read incorrectly before your child reads again.  
  • Time your child multiple times as he or she reads the entire piece. Pay close attention to speed and accuracy. 


Click on the printable Does This Make Sense. Have your child read the story Sam the Pig. Use the questions to the left of the story to make sure your child is understanding what he or she is reading.

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