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Letter Knowledge

Why This is Important

Letter knowledge lays the foundation for early literacy. It is understanding that letters have names, that they are related to sounds, and that letters have different formations. 

Goals for Strong Readers

  • Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.  
  • Know the sound each letter makes. 

Quick Activity

Write a letter on a piece of paper. Show the letter to your child and have him or her name the letter. Or, call out a letter and have your child write the letter on his or her paper.

More Activities and Games

Have your child to pick three target letters (for example, h, b, k). Ask your child to look through a magazine or catalog to find and cut out matching target letters. Repeat activity with different print materials trying to increase speed and accuracy. 

Letter Recognition Activity
Letter Recognition Activity
  • Get a paper plate or cut out a large circle.  
  • Write uppercase letters around the edge of the plate.  
  • Gather 26 clothespins and write lowercase letters on each one.  
  • Have your child choose a clothespin, name the letter, and clip the clothespin on the corresponding uppercase letter on the paper plate.  
  • Continue until all letters are matched.  
  • Repeat the activity attempting to increase speed and accuracy.
Clip a Letter activity
Clip-A-Letter Activity

Place rice, coffee grounds, flour, corn meal, dried beans, or sugar on a baking sheet or plate. Say a letter name. Have your child write the letter in the item on the baking sheet or plate. If your child does not know how to form a letter, show them how then have them trace it. 

Writing Trays Activity
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